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Keeping marriages and families together


"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain..." Psalm 127:1

"If it weren't for the truly amazing grace of God and the persistence of Dr. Rich and Cindy, we wouldn't be married today…after having gone to a worship service that Rich was the guest speaker my husband leaned over and whispered that we need to call them and make an appointment for counseling. I agreed having previously been looking for marriage counselors. We loved each other but we were hurting each other so much and we needed help. We made the call and began the counseling process.

God began to change us dramatically and I found myself madly in love with my husband again. We continue to grow and heal and tell people about our victory through the hand of God and the persistence of Rich and Cindy and how God uses them to help struggling marriages and people. God will never give up on you; and neither will Dr. Rich and Cindy."

- B. & C

"Some time ago I came to Together Forever Ministries with my husband. At that time I had plunged deep into depression for months, until my husband gave me an ultimatum to get help or get a divorce. Initially we took baby steps toward solving our problems and progressed as we worked on the art of communication among other things.

Dr. Rich and Cindy always moved within God's timing often putting aside their own prepared agenda and giving way to where God was steering them on our behalf. Through the healing power of God and the prayers and ministry of Dr. Rich and Cindy I have been able to overcome depression, repair my relationship with my husband, overcome the anger and fear resulting from childhood sexual abuse, forgive those who have deeply hurt me over the years, learn to trust and grow stronger in my relationship with the Lord.

My husband, in turn has been able to identify areas in his own life for growth and change and now we have a better relationship than ever before."

- R. & L

"One day in a drunken haze of desperation I walked to the lake by my apartment. I was fully clothed and walked into the lake with the intention of never coming out again. I swam out as far as I could until I was so exhausted I could not change my mind and make it back. I remember at one point looking around for help, but could no longer keep myself afloat. I looked upward, then let myself submerge.

The next thing I knew I was waking up lying on a dock hundreds of yards from where I was. It was dark and no one was around; the direct hand of God saved my life.

Through God's grace along with the help of Dr. Rich and Cindy my boyfriend and I found God's healing hand on our relationship. Where I thought there was no hope, hope was now present as I was welcomed and loved and guided by God through Rich and Cindy.

Through Dr. Rich and Cindy's counsel the Lord changed me inside and out. They helped to save my life. They say that they are just vehicles of God; but to me they are Mercedes Benz'. Besides being my counselors and mentors, I consider them to be my friends and family."

- K. & J

"When I finally surrendered my pride a few years ago and humbled myself knowing "my way" was not working, I took the advice of a colleague and met with Dr. Rich and Cindy. From my first conversation with them, I knew there was something special and enlightening about them. I did not want to leave that first night. I could have stayed for hours.

Referring to the Bible to seek wisdom and guidance was something new to me. As my counseling journey continued and my relationship with Dr. Rich and Cindy grew, my desire to follow the Lord grew stronger.

I can't express enough how the unconditional love, patience, kindness, and wisdom Dr. Rich and Cindy have poured out have helped mend tears in my heart, brought clarity to my thoughts and mind, and helped foster a relationship with the Lord. I truly don't know where I'd be emotionally and spiritually if it weren't for the Lord placing me in the lives of Dr. Rich and Cindy."

- D. & B

"I don't know where to begin, I have known Dr. Rich and Cindy for many years, They are two gifted people who walk out their Christian faith everyday. They have been a rock for me and my family when we needed them the most. They have guided, prayed for me and my family repeatedly and continue to pray for us. In this world today I do not know anybody who totally depends on the Lord to support them like they do. I don't know how they do it only by God's Favor and Grace.

They have helped me overcome so much in my life I suffer from bi-poler disorder and for many years I was untreated or misdiagnosed . This disorder reaped havoc in many areas of my life marital and financial. I believe that medical science can only go so far, I am taking medication but for me I needed more there was something missing in my road to recovery that was the counsel of the Lord. My life was spiraling down both financially and relationally. Cindy prayed with me one day to ask the Lord to finally get my finances straightened out I had lost my accountant and she helped me find a person within the church to help me and from that day forward little by little things started to get fixed . I have a business and in April of 2006 a person from the state tried to take my business from me .I was just recovering from total knee replacement which was in February. Cindy contacted the church to set up for meals to be delivered to my home for the first 2 weeks while I was recovering. I was in such great pain and Cindy received many phone calls from me I was such pain physically and mentally I couldn't make sense out of what was happening to me she helped me thorough, praying and keeping me focused on the Lord. In July of that same year my father passed away I asked Cindy if Rich would officiate at my Dads funeral . They took the time out of their busy schedule to do this for my family. Many people in my family that day received the message of salvation at my Dads funeral . Many family members remarked to me later that his message was so good. In August that same year My business was burglarized I lost a great deal of material things that day again, Cindy and Dr. Rich were there for me and my family praying for these people to be apprehended . Guess what both thieves are in jail.

In October of that year the state was trying to take my business again that person came back to my business demanding money of me and threatening to take my business again. The person that Cindy told me to see about financial matters had put me in touch with an accountant who straightened everything out. Also they were auditing my business as well.

Me and my family never would have made it thorough all of this without first the Grace of God and second people like Cindy and Dr. Rich . They were always there guiding and caring for us and keeping me focused of the Lord . Cindy loves miracles and for people to receive God's greatest gift of salvation . It just comes pouring out of her everyday . I am amazed at her she lives out her life always looking to present the Gospel to the lost. God has given them both such an awesome love for others and they live it everyday of their lives . They are both anointed and truly blessed by God.

One of God's greatest commands is that we should love one another and bear each others burdens in the body of Christ . Dr. Rich and Cindy are truly an example of just that. I could go on and on about more examples of their extraordinary walk with our Lord , these are just some."

Love you guys,

- Diana

My husband and I sought counseling through Dr. Rich and Cindy, after having heard about them through a friend. God's hand truly led us to them, we are certain; but that is another story. All I can say is that His timing was perfect, and the wisdom and grace that He displayed through Dr. Rich and Cindy far exceeded our expectations. In fact, God truly worked a miracle for us. After having suffered the pain and repercussions of marital infidelity, my husband and I decided to try to mend our broken relationship by seeking help two previous times from other counselors. Although it was somewhat helpful, it never got us to the place we truly needed to be to make our marriage strong and heal the brokeness. We were quite desparate at this point, and that's when Dr. Rich and Cindy entered the picture. We had actually arranged with them to go through three days of intensive counseling, as we had desired to make the trip to Tomball, Texas to meet with them. They had formulated a plan to get to the heart of the matter, and then to begin the rebuilding process. It was a fabulous plan, however they were completely open to God's leading. And lead and minister through them He did! There came such an outpouring of God's grace, fogiveness, and love that was very real and evident. And Dr. Rich and Cindy led us to a newer and better understanding of ourselves and each other. We even renewed our marital vows on the last day , which was so healing. My husband and I decided to continue to receive counsel and direction from them, and really solidify what has begun as a real miracle from God.

- Client choice to not reveal identity which we will respect, R & C