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About Us

Dr. Rich and Cindy Palazzolo are the founders of Together Forever Ministries. They are passionate regarding the health of families, making themselves available to individuals, marriages, families, churches, and corporations for the purpose of counsel and conducting marriage conferences.

Dr. Rich and Cindy, are also ordained ministers, and are sought after guest speakers at churches, schools, and athletic functions. Dr. Rich is also a former professional football player and corporate executive. Having spent several years counseling within Christian Life Center as an extension of pastoral care and having formerly served as Executive Pastors, they have become increasingly more in demand as conference speakers, as well as counselors.

Dr. Rich and Cindy have also recently expanded Together Forever Ministries to the state of Texas, where they are now reaching a greater audience as they continue to meet with people from coast to coast.

Dr. Rich is also a recognized mediator specializing in Family, Divorce and Child Custody cases as a participant in Collaborative Law through PALAZZOLO MEDIATION & ADR SERVICES.

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